Mobile Threat Landscape 2018

Pradeo just published its biannual mobile threat report, based on a sample of 2 millions Android and iOS Applications analyzed by Pradeo’s engine. It gives an insight of the mobile threats currently surrounding us.

In 2017, mobile applications have been a target of choice for hackers to access and steal data, with 86% of mobile threats coming from them, far ahead Network exploits and OS manipulations.

This report features the top mobile threats with a focus on data privacy violations and malwares, followed by a risk analysis related to OWASP vulnerabilities..

• 61% of Android applications and 36% of iOS applications leak data to remote servers.
• 16.8% of applications establish connections to uncertified servers.
• Valuable data such as health and banking credentials are becoming a privileged target.
• 31% of applications feature an OWASP vulnerability.