Because we believe security means accuracy, our research team has developed over the past years a revolutionary behavioral engine that uses artificial intelligence to reveal and qualify precisely hidden behaviors of mobile applications and suspicious activities performed on mobile devices.

Our proven technology, rewarded by the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley, outperforms market solutions and provides an accurate statement being the starting point of a real protection.

One Technology to Master Apps & Endpoint Security

Pradeo’s technology and solutions have been designed from the ground up to master mobile threats and meet companies’ security expectations.

The technology

  • Unknown & advanced
    threat detection
    Our behavioral engine detects brand new and advanced threats to ensure 0-day protection.
  • Customizable security Pradeo’s solutions are highly customizable to allow each company to implement its own security levels.
  • Limitless coverage Our technology is entirely flexible and is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and BYOD workforce.

Proactive & Automatic Machine Learning

  • Real-time analysis
  • 0-day protection
  • Minimal on-device footprint

PRADEO SECURITY learning structure optimizes processing time and prevents from unknown and advanced threats. It capitalizes on every diagnosis performed by the engine to enrich the knowledge database. On-device safety checks ensure instantaneous threat prevention, even offline.

Apps On Top Of Mobile Security Challenges

Apps are an inescapable access point to personal and corporate information. With short development cycles, direct access to end users, standard security checks from app stores… Apps became the main vector of mobile threats. They are nowadays on top of mobile security challenges.

Know more about our Apps analysis expertise

Pradeo’s expertise has been rewarded on several occasions.

From telecommunication operators to manufacturers and market analysts, Pradeo is recognized as a leader in the mobile security field. See our awards

Our Market-Leading Technology In Brief

ANALYSIS METHOD Manual signature identification Automatic risk estimation Automatic accurate detection
OPERATING MODE Detection Prevention Protection
SECURITY COVERAGE Malware only Apps risk management
Network checks
OS checks
Apps security
Network analysis
Device protection
SECURITY POLICY None Standard Advanced