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Solution summary Proven and trusted by globally famous banks and game publishers for 10 years ago, CrackProof is an Apps Protection Service provided via SaaS that processes your App at the binary level, preventing static and dynamic analysis and tampering.

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Solution Detail Proven and trusted by globally famous banks and game publishers from 10 years ago, CrackProof protects Apps against various risks like tampering, pirating, reverse-engineering, and more. For example, Android Apps (APK file) is easily unpackaged and DEX codes inside can be decompiled to source codes, which allows a malicious person to modify the original Java codes or add other codes to create a fake App. If the fake App is distributed via a third part Market, it might bring unpredictable damages to people, as the fake App might steal personal information from the mobile phone, force the user to connect dangerous website and finally let the user download malware. Without countermeasures against unauthorized analysis and tampering, publicized Apps can pose a number of risks to both app providers and users, since the Apps might become a prey to malicious people. CrackProof is also available for iOS and Windows.
The following are the possible risks in case that non-protected App were spread:

Risks for app providers

  • Leak of confidential information, leading to attacks targeting business systems
  • Monetary loss through circulation of pirated apps
  • Reputational damage through circulation of fake apps

Risks for app users
  • Leak of private data like address book contacts, photos, etc.
  • Leak of activity or location data via control of microphone, camera, GPS, etc.
  • Monetary loss due to fraudulent Internet banking transactions.

Key features and benefits CrackProof for Android

  • CrrackProof for Android consists of two services: DEX edition and SO edition, both are provided via SaaS.
  • Just access the CrackProof Server from your office, and your APK file (DEX file or SO file) will be immediately protected with easy operation.
  • Protected APK file prevents static and dynamic analysis.
  • If tampering is detected by the self-check process embedded in the APK, the App is forced to quit.

Details of CrackProof for Android are the following:
The DEX edition / The SO edition
  • Static Analysis Prevention
    • DEX (Java) File tampering prevention (DEX)
    • Signature Tampering Prevention
    • File configuration modification prevention
    • ODEX file tampering prevention (DEX)
    • Debug information deletion (DEX)
    • Symbol deletion (SO)
    • AES Encryption of SO file (SO)
  • Dynamic Analysis Prevention
    • Debugging prevention
    • Emulator prevention
    • Rooting prevention
    • Dalvik Check prevents SO from being called from a program other than a Dalvik program. (SO)
  • Execution Environment checking
    • USB debugging prevention

CrackProof for iOS and Windows
For CrackProof for iOS, you only need to embed and configure CrackProof Header & Library to your App in Xcode, and build the project with activating security functions by communicating with the CrackProof server. CrackProof for Windows is provided via SaaS in the same way as Android.
For more information about CrackProof for iOS and Windows, please visit CrackProof website at

Supported devices

  • CrackProof for Android
    • Smartphone: Android 2.2 thru 7.0 (as of September 2016)
    • Tablet: (The same as above)
    • Other: Please contact us for other Android terminals.
  • CrackProof for iOS
    • iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6Plus, iOS 8.x / 9.x
  • CrackProof for Windows
    • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista

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