Mobile threat defense

PRADEO SECURITY Protects Your Mobile Devices

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  • Protect Apps, Network and OS
  • Preserve your business agility
  • Easily customize your security policy
  • Activate through your MDM/EMM solution
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PRADEO SECURITY protects your company’s data and enforces compliance with data privacy regulations.
Is your mobile fleet GDPR compliant? Take a quick test.

360° Mobile Threat Protection

  • APPS PRADEO SECURITY App scanning detects and qualifies precisely all Apps behaviors and vulnerabilities, outperforming reputation technologies. Pradeo’s patented technology provides a reliable detection of threats being the starting point of a real protection.

    • APPS
    • Unknown and advanced threats detection
    • Static and dynamic analysis
    • Zero false positive
    • Automatic blocking of Apps
    • Vulnerabilities detection
    • Remediation of risky behaviors
    • Automatic update of blacklists in your MDM / EMM solution
  • NETWORK PRADEO SECURITY screens in real-time network configuration and parameters to prevent from attacks. When detecting a threat, PRADEO SECURITY immediately reports the device as non-compliant and takes protection measures.

    • Man In the Middle detection
    • Network access control
    • SSL certificates check
    • Secure browser
    • Network compliance tracking through your
    • MDM / EMM solution
  • OS PRADEO SECURITY monitors device integrity and leverages the integration with EMM solutions to manage devices’ compliance. When there is no EMM in place, PRADEO SECURITY provides basic management features.

    • OS
    • OS vulnerabilities detection
    • Root / jailbreak exploitation
    • Identification of system takeover
    • Abnormal battery consumption
    • Device compliance tracking through your MDM / EMM solution
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A one click integration with your EMM / MDM

PRADEO SECURITY partnered with key EMM / MDM players to ensure you a seamless management of mobility and
security, and continuously expands its partnerships and integrations.

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A Tailored Mobile Protection

  • CUSTOM SECURITY POLICY A good security policy is the one that suits to your requirements. With PRADEO SECURITY, you can tune each security criteria to match your business context. It is applied in real time.
  • COMPREHENSIVE REPORTING Provides a dashboard which allows to monitor security levels. It gives a comprehensive status of threats from Apps, Network and OS perspective.
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