Pradeo Security for Samsung

At a time when business increasingly relies on digital and authorities keep strengthening mobility privacy requirements, organizations are struck with a major challenge: preventing cyberattacks while preserving users' productivity.

Pradeo Security for Samsung is a Mobile Threat Defense solution dedicated to securing workforces using Samsung devices. By combining both companies' expertise and technologies, it successfully fulfills the complex mission of simultaneously protecting corporate data and maintaining collaborators agility.
Samsung Electronics is proud of the work that we have done jointly with Pradeo to unlock native analytics and defense capabilities on Samsung mobile devices via the Knox Platform for Enterprise, thereby providing our mutual customers the most advanced and granular safety posture possible.

Nick Dawson Samsung Nick Dawson
Global Director of Enterprise Business, Samsung Electronics
Mobile Threats: Applications, network & device
Pradeo and Samsung coalesced their advanced threat detection and mitigation technologies to deliver a sharpened Mobile Threat Defense solution.

Pradeo Security for Samsung relies on Pradeo’s precise threat detection capability to detect threats operating at application, network and device levels. Then it leverages Samsung Knox low level control API to precisely mitigate threats.

At the applicative level for example, Pradeo Security for Samsung precisely identifies all applications’ behaviors and micro-patches apps by only neutralizing their risky behaviors, without impacting their runtime.
Mobile collaborators security
Pradeo Security for Samsung high level of precision enables security heads to prevent the exfiltration of sensitive data while maintaining the productivity gained from the use of mobile devices. With this joint Mobile Threat Defense solution, they can smoothly balance security and productivity.


Application Security

Pradeo precisely identifies mobile application's behaviors and vulnerabilities. Then, it contextualizes information to reduce false-positive and only block real threats.

Device Security

Pradeo Security screens in real-time network configuration and parameters, to prevent network-related attacks such as Man-In-The-Middle and phishing.

Network Security

Pradeo Security monitors device integrity by inspecting all its potentially defective aspects, such as OS vulnerability, abnormal battery consumption, etc.
360° Security Mobile Threat Defense