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In 2008, Clément Saad (CEO & Co-founder of Pradeo) presents his PhD in Computer Science at the French Ministry of Defense. Facing the booming of mobility, he took a visionary look at the mobile security area and impacts of the advent of the “Apps model”. He was already convinced that the historical security approach, as offered via antivirus solutions, was dated and obsolete. He envisioned new perspectives for mobile security.

After 2 years of refining the project, Pradeo is created in 2010.

In 2013, after several years of Research & Development to perfect the technology and its adequacy to market needs, Pradeo launches the first version of its solutions.

In 2014, the first major signatures are concluded and Pradeo is recognized as an international player.

Today, Pradeo has a worldwide presence with subsidiaries in US and the UK and relying on a partner channel covering more than 40 countries.

Clément Saad (CEO & Co-founder)



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