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About us

Beyond the impossible

Once upon a time...

  • In 2008, Clément Saad, President and Founder of Pradeo presents his PhD in Information Security at the French Ministry of Defense. Facing the success of mobile applications, he has the conviction that soon we will have more Apps than websites. He is convinced that the historical approach to application security (as offered via antivirus solutions) is a dated and obsolete approach and he had the idea to develop a behavioural analysis engine to protect mobile applications "users and publishers".
  • In 2010, after 2 years of laboratory research, the co-founders team confirm the feasibility of the technological advance and decided then to initiate an entrepreneurial approach.
  • In 2012, Pradeo raises its first funds in order to have the appropriate resources to produce the first marketable versions of its security solutions for smartphones & tablets and the IoT
  • In 2013, after several years of Research & Development to perfect the technology and its adequacy to the market’s needs, Pradeo launches its first solutions based on its Trust Revealing™ engine
  • In 2014, the first major signatures had been concluded, materializing the relevance of its solutions to new threats related to mobile applications.
The etymology of the name "Pradeo" says a lot about the company and its expertise: "Praedo" means "pirate" in Latin. This is a deliberate choice because in order to achieve a reliable security solution, we must perfectly know upstream hackers’ techniques to better thwart their traps. Pradeo is what can be called a "good pirate".