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Master your Apps’ security and empower your business to the mobile world

An unequaled technology that manages Apps’ security for mobile devices

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Control Apps’ hidden face

Mobile fleet, BYOD, Apps being developed or published… Many media and solutions to protect from threats and attacks, Only one security solution to solve all these problems: Apps Security.

Rely on Pradeo expertise and turn mobility into an asset

Apps Security: the reference in the Apps security field

Apps Security features a unique behavioral analysis engine that accurately detects and blocks threats on your Apps and mobile fleet. This solution inspects every threat category and complies with your security policy.

Privacy & Mobile content Does the application send private data (such as pictures, contact numbers, location information...) on the network?

Financial losses Is the application able to generate financial losses (i.e. by sending automated text messages - SMS)?

Malicious activities Is the application known as malicious, or does it perform malicious actions ?

Apps Security technology is the only able to reveal exhaustively every apps’ behaviors : the only trustworthy solution on the market.
A behavioral analysis engine that surpasses all current reputation technologies.

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One-stop-shop security solution dedicated to Apps security: From Apps auditing to mobile fleet protection.

your mobile fleet

Protect your mobile fleet

Define your security policy. Automatically block dangerous or suspicious apps on your fleet before their first use.
Protect your MDM/EMM solution

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Assess threats on your mobile fleet

Doubtful about the necessity to protect your fleet?
Diagnose its security level and shed light on threats your fleet is being exposed to.

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your Apps

Test the security level of your Apps

Validate the security level of your apps thanks to our behavioral analysis. Identify malicious Apps behaviors and their vulnerabilities. Correct the Apps in one click according to your security policy.

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Protect your Apps

Secure your App from threats coming from other Apps while running on unknown devices

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