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Protect your Mobile Devices

Master your Apps

Pradeo Security, 360° solution for Secured Enterprise Mobility

PRADEO SECURITY solution delivers a complete, automatic and seamless protection securing Apps, Network and Device layers.

From the testing of your Apps to the protection of your mobile devices, PRADEO SECURITY automatically detects and prevents threats and vulnerabilities providing an incomparable protection to master your mobile security.

your mobile devices

Mobile Threat Protection

360° solution (Apps, communications, OS) available as stand-alone or as one-click integration from your MDM/EMM interface

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Mobile Security Diagnosis

Shed lights on threats your company is exposed to

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your Apps

App Security Testing

Ready to use web platform to test in one click any App from its binary code

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In-App protection

Empower your App with our 360° self-protection SDK and manage threats on the user’s device

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100% accurate detection technology
Combining static and dynamic analysis with vulnerabilities detection, PRADEO SECURITY is the only solution able to reveal and qualify all behaviors of mobile applications and suspicious activities performed on mobile devices, outperforming score-based technologies.

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A tailored protection for your company

To protect your business while preserving its agility Pradeo Security adapts to your environment securing Android, iOS, Windows and BYOD. No need to restrict your users, Pradeo Security automatically detects and prevents threats in regards to your security policy with a 360° coverage (Apps, communications and device). Learn more

To comply with your security levels You can customize each PRADEO SECURITY criteria to match your requirements.
PRADEO SECURITY ensures professional and personal data protection and get you aligned with Authorities’ regulations.
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To ensure your Apps are not a point of failure Pradeo Security solution controls and strengthens your Apps deliveries. Test your App in few minutes from its binary code to certify its security level and integrate Pradeo Security self-protection API within your App to manage threats from the source. Learn more

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